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初一描写人物的英语作文 【 - 初一年级英语作文】 描写人物英语作文1 My new deskmate is a boy of sixteen. His name is Zhang Gao. He is 1.8 meters tall. His strongly-built body and sun-tanned skin make him look like a sportsman. He has two big dark eyes under a pair of thick eyebows. It seems that they are always smiling at you. Compared with my yellow hair, his hair is black and thick. He speaks a little bit fast but very clearly. However, he likes to gesture from time to time while he s talking. He has a dream of becoming a famous actor one day. I believe his dream will come true because of his handsome face and well-developed figure. 我的新同桌是一个16岁的男孩。他叫张高,身高一米八。结实的身材、晒黑的皮肤使他看起来像运动员。他浓浓的眉毛下有一双又黑又大的眼睛,似乎总是在对人微笑。与我的黄头发相比,他有一头浓密的黑发。他的语速有点快,但相当清楚,只是他说话时爱打手势。他的理想是当一名演员,我想他英俊的长相和匀称的身材定会让他好梦成真。 描写人物英语作文2 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32ndPresident of the United States and a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic crisis and world war. The only American president elected to more than two terms, he forged a durable coalition that realigned American politics for decades. FDR defeated incumbent Republican Herbert Hoover in November 1932, at the depths of the Great Depression. FDR s combination of optimism and activism contributed to reviving the national spirit.Working closely with Winston Churchill andJoseph Stalin in leading the Allies against Germany and Japan in World War II, he died just as victory was in sight. 罗斯福 富兰克林是美国的第32届总统,在二十世纪中期的世界事件中是一个核心人物,他领导美国期间美国经历了一次世界性经济危机和一次世界大战。作为美国历史上唯一一个连任两期的总统,他将美国的政客们联合起来,并且这种团结持续了几十年。罗斯福与1932年十一月,大萧条最严重的时期,击败了当时在任的共产党人和波特 胡文。罗斯福乐观与积极的态度在鼓舞国民士气上发挥了巨大的作用。在二次世界大战期间,与文森特 撒切尔和约瑟夫 斯大林密切合作领导联盟对抗德国和日本,就是胜利在即的时候他不幸去世。 描写人物英语作文3 My friend Vivi is a lively and smart girl,she has long black hair and she is a tallest girl in our class.She is warm-hearted and good- looking so that everyone loves her.I m so glad to make friend with her.I m out-going too,so we have been good friends for long time.But sometimes I like quiet but she doesn t.And her marks are not good as me.So,i suggested her that she should work-hard in her study so that we can go to the same university. This person is my best friend Vivi who i can tell everything to.Like my deeply feelings and thoughts. 我的朋友VIVI是一个活泼聪明的女孩子。她有着长黑发,而且她是班上最高的女孩子。她是个热心肠的人,而且她很漂亮,以至于大家都很喜欢她。我非常的高兴能和她做到朋友。我也是一个开朗的人,所以和她做了很久的朋友。但是有时候我喜欢安静但她不会。她的成绩也没我的好,所以我建议她应该多努力学习这样我们才能一起去同一个大学。 这个人就是我的好朋友VIVI,一个能够让我告诉她一切,推心置腹的人。 [初一描写人物的英语作文]相关文章: 1.初一的英语作文 2.初一英语的作文 3.初一暑假英语作文 4.初一英语作文范文描写自己作息的短文 5.初一书信格式英语作文 6.初一英语作文Introduce myself 7.初一英语作文 The Importance of Electricity 8.Football初一英语作文 9.初一英语作文The weekend 10.初一英语作文 My Neighbour 本文来源:https:///zuowen/chuyinianjiyingyu/737911.html